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Trademark Search in India

Trade search in India is now easy with the help of Solubilis. Trade search in India mainly offer it solution regarding the common doubts of trademark registration. Trade search includes with the correct trademark classification. Trade search or trademark search is now portrayed with the common public portal. To save the Intellectual property of business and e the safer side of trademark search need to know the condition for the prohibited trademark, well known trademark and common chances for the objection process in the trademark search in India. As a prior process and avoid the trademark infringement, trademark search can be directly checked by any individual. There is no limitation for the checking the trade search in overall India. To protect the own name trade search in India is inevitable one. Because in overall India once the name is registered in a particular class, again the name is not allowed to use under the same class. For this purpose trade search in India is the wonderful opportunity to cross check the name availability. Trademark is the primary name of the business.

Trademark search is the initial process to know the range availability in India.

It is also available in global level just start your business all over the world.

Simplicity of brand name must be innovative to speed up the logo process.

Trademark search will ensure the desire name gettable or not for business.

To protect the name under the trademark acts and following it laws are the simple and common solution. Business initiation is the abundant opportunity, makes it clear and legal with the proper trademark registration process. Trade search in India now pending with many trademark application. It transparently shows the competition and wellness of the business life. To manage all the issues search trade name and register the name finally process the other legal registration process. Trade search in India allows individual to register their business name before the business initiation. Just use this opportunity for the wellness of the business.

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Characteristics of brand name registration:

Perfect trademark search easily establishing of the product or service to the world.

Trade search is the mandatory process following to build the strong business units in all over India.

Trademark search allows to register the company name and the brand name in two differnet streams.

Trade search in india is depends upon the 45 classes following in the Nice classification.

Trade search allows its availability through filing application in the international countries also.

Trade search is easy one for the entrepreneurs while choosing the name in distinguish manner.

Trade search in India:

Trade search in India is not only business name checking procedure. Each checking is contrast with the mode of the business. Goods and service business and the Nice classification for the certain business is totally vary one. Try to complete the trade search with appropriate class division. Simple name search is always a complex one. Don’t merely check the name but perfect class name is very useful for ease the registration proceedings. Trademark consultants and registered attorneys are well versed in the trade search. Make the search process simple with Solubilis.


Trademark classification is nothing but the numeral used to identify the separate goods or service relating business. Same name can be register under the varied class.
Clear view of the business and it classification number will easily allow to initiate the search. Trade search in the government portal will establish the exact report on the logo name.
Trade search is applicable on for the registration of name, device name, logos, slogans; other characters include numerals, different colour combinations and blend of all these elements.
Yes, Company name and brand name can be varied one. Otherwise the same name can be useable one under the trademark registration process. It depends on the availability.
At the time of trade name search name availability will be shown if the name is vacant. Otherwise, the current status of the trademark will be displayed in the government search portal.

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